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LCS Christmas Celebration 2023

December 25, 2023

Mangaluru: Lourdes Central School celebrated Christmas with a spirit of joy and harmony, emphasizing love and peace. The event brought together students, faculty, and Lourdite parents to commemorate the festive season.

This occasion was graced by the dignitaries on the dais. Rev. Dr John Baptist Saldanha, Rev. Robert D’Souza, Rev. Dr Vincent Sequeira, Rev. Fr Suraj Lobo, Rev. Fr Leston Lobo, Rev. Arul Joseph, Vice Principals Ms Belita Mascarenhas and Ms Anita Thomas.

The manager, Rev. Dr John Baptist Saldanha, delivered a heartfelt speech focusing on the significance of love and peace during Christmas. He also invited everyone to witness the crib at Bejai Church. Encouraging unity and goodwill, the manager set a tone of compassion for the festive gathering.

The principal, Rev. Fr Robert D’Souza, addressed the gathering, highlighting the core values of Christmas, such as empathy, kindness, and generosity. Stressing the importance of these values in daily life, the principal encouraged everyone to embody the true spirit of Christmas and to share the values of Christ with everyone.

The Chief Guest, Rev. Dr Vincent Sequeira, emphasized peace in everyone and the importance of the star at Bethlehem that guided the shepherds and the wise men to Jesus. Similarly, we human beings are stars, and it is our responsibility to guide our brothers and sisters to God for blessings.

This celebration features an enchanting performance, including a Christmas play by the children, showcasing their talents in the form of dance and drama. The festive spirit is sure to shine through these lively and heartwarming presentations.

A mesmerizing choir performance added a musical touch to the celebration. The choir sang classic Christmas carols, creating a festive atmosphere and spreading joy among the attendees.

Adding an element of excitement, Santa made a memorable entrance by arriving on a motorcycle. The unconventional mode of transportation brought a sense of modernity to the traditional Christmas festivities, delighting both children and adults alike.

The Christmas celebration at Lourdes Central School was a heartwarming event that blended traditional values with a touch of modern flair. The emphasis on love, peace, and the unique arrival of Santa on a motorcycle made the occasion memorable for everyone involved.

Sathvi Shetty of Class 6 welcomed the gathering. Viona Pinto of Class 8 concluded the programme with a vote of thanks. Eshlin Rose and Hayyan Mohidin of Class 8 compered the whole programme beautifully. The programme ended with the school anthem.