KATHASANDHI-Sahitya Akdemi Programme Held

August 2, 2023

Mangaluru: “As a fiction writer, I have tried my level best to maintain sanctity in language and narrative and used short stories as a medium to convey a social message” said Sri Dolphy Fedrick Lobo, senior fiction writer and journalist.

He was speaking in the Sahitya Akademi Kathasandhi program at Bishop’s House, Kodialbail, Mangaluru, hosted by Raknno-Konkani Weekly on Sunday, July 30, 2023.

Popularly known as Dolphy Cascia, Sri Lobo presented his short story Mai Kityaak Rodtha (Why Mother Cries). He further emphasised the alcoholism problem among lower middle-class families in his neighbourhood, which prompted him to take up the issue of alcoholism in his short story, and he feels he has succeeded in his endeavours in addressing a burning social issue. The story highlights the destruction of families and the stigma surrounding young children in rural areas, particularly among the labour class.

He addressed the queries on the short story and explained in brief how elements like a curious beginning, a twist at the end, and a catchy title make a short story different and attractive.

H. M. Pernal, Member, Language Advisory Board, introduced Sri Dolphy Frederick Lobo to the audience and briefed them about various Sahitya Akademi programmes like Kathasandhi, Garama Loak, Through My Window, Kavi Sandhi, Meet the Author, Nari Chethana, to name a few. Mr. Pernal mentioned that the Kathasandhi programme is the third programme by Sahitya Akademi in the month of July in this area, and Two more programmes are lined up for the month of August. He further explained about the Sahitya Akademi Publication and various grants, like travel grants, for youth writers. He urged students to make the best use of Sahitya Akademi programmes in the future on this occasion.

Poet Melvyn Rodrigues, General Council Member and Convenor of Konkani at Sahitya Akademi, escorted Sri Dolphy Lobo to the dias.

Rev. Fr Roopesh Madtha, Editor of Raknno Weekly, moderated the discussion and proposed vote of thanks.