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DESPEDIDA-2K23, a farewell ceremony organized at SJEC Vamanjoor

September 30, 2023

Mangaluru: The Department of Business Administration at St. Joseph Engineering College, Vamanjoor, Mangalore, organized the farewell ceremony, DESPEDIDA-2K23, on Thursday, September 14, 2023, at 9.30am in the Kalam Auditorium for the outgoing students of MBA batch 2021-23. The function was graced by Rev. Fr. Wilfred Prakash Dsouza, Director, Rev. Fr. Kenneth Rayner Crasta, Assistant Director, Dr Rio D’Souza-Principal, Dr Prakash Pinto, Professor and Dean of MBA, and Ms. Acharya Chitralekha J, Faculty Coordinator, who were present for the occasion. The masters of the ceremony were Mehak and Yashika. The ceremony proceeded with precision and heartwarming moments, following a well-structured agenda. The program opened with a soulful invocation, offering a moment of reflection and spiritual connection for all attendees. Mr Hrithik Chand, Genesis coordinator, delivered a warm and heartfelt welcome address.

Dr. Rio D’Souza, the Chief Guest, delivered an enlightening address. His words were filled with wisdom and motivation, inspiring the outgoing students to reach for greatness in their future endeavors.

Rev. Fr. Wilfred Prakash Dsouza, the President, offered his heartfelt remarks, celebrating the achievements of the departing students and imparting valuable life lessons.

Mr Prajwal S. K., Genesis Coordinator, extended gratitude to all contributors, including faculty, staff, and fellow students, in his vote of thanks.

Upon the conclusion of the formal program, the event seamlessly transitioned into an informal segment, which was hosted by Komal and Vinita characterized by heartfelt farewells and joyous celebrations. Captivating dance performances and entertaining games were thoughtfully arranged to delight the seniors.

The informal part of the ceremony was marked by emotional expressions of appreciation, providing a warm farewell to the outgoing students. Dance performances and games added an element of celebration, allowing everyone to relax and savor the festivities.