Your next move

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Remember the 1st time you made a paper airplane?
The moment you watched it glides across your hallway, or hit your best friend’s head.
The 1st time you learnt to tie a knot, your shoelace,
The 1st time you caught a ball.
The moment you realized that the word ‘Elephant’, fit the gap in the crossword puzzle.

You can’t recall them?
Don’t worry! You’re forgiven.
Because, a lot of these ‘first times’ happen in childhood.

Didn’t you feel like you want to do them again? Do more?
What stopped you from continuing? Repeating it bored you?

These moments, they are the reason, why we fall in love with certain things.

So, what creates these moments?
The 2nd time you throw the paper airplane,
You expect it to go a little further in distance, maybe hit the teachers’ head this time.
This ‘expectation’ is good. But, it can kill your interest in flying more paper airplanes if not fulfilled.
So, what’s necessary is to keep moderate expectations.

The interest to learn something is powered by those ‘Ah! Ah!’ moments, that is, The Eureka!
We always love something that is challenging initially, but, let’s you eventually win.

Remember those moments when you got correct answer to a problem in math?
Even though you probably hated math, the moment is happier because, it was a hard problem to solve.
Because it’s harder, you don’t expect yourself to solve it. Your expectations were low.

So, to keep oneself motivated, it’s important to create such moments, by creating little expectations.
Don’t expect yourself to learn 4 chords on a guitar or play a song, the moment you learn to hold the guitar.
It’s important to feel the joy of learning one chord at a time.

It’s like learning/reading one paragraph at a time, eating one gummy bear, when done.
One little move at a time, followed by a reward.
So, what’s your move today towards that big goal of yours?

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