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Certificate course on Physical Fitness for Women organized at St Agnes College, Mangaluru

August 18, 2020

Mangaluru: The Department of Physical Education organised an online certificate course on Physical Fitness for Women from July 26 to August 14, 2020 for duration of 30 hours. The beneficiaries of this course were 111 members consisting of Women students of PUC, UG and PG from various colleges.

The course was designed with an objective to make the participants physically fit, healthy,mentally strong and also to improve the overall personality.

This course was conducted online from 4.30 p.m to 6 p.m . Each session was conducted by experts from various professional fields.

The resource persons were:

Mrs Nithisha Rodrigues, Physical Education Director, Sayhadri College of Engineering and Management

Mrs.Chaithra B, Associate Professor Department. of Food Nutrition and Dietetics and Ms.Roopathi M, Physical Education Director, Besant Women’s College

Ms Athena Aranha, Assistant Professor of Psychology, St Agnes College

Ms. Freeda Almeida and Ms. Florida Almeida, Nutritionists

Ms. Dalia Lavina D’souza, soft skill Trainer

Ms. Bavya Shetty, Personal Trainer

Ms.Darshana Godambe, L2 Trainer Cool Coach Get Active Program

Ms.Raveena Nagaraj, Fitwood Trainer

Mrs.Seema Parveen, Fitness Trainer

Ms.Accamma K D, National Level Player, St Agnes College

Ms.Kavyashree Bhat Yoga Trainer St Agnes College and Ms Hitha, Yoga Teacher at Jindal Nature cure Institution Bengaluru

The resource persons conducted sessions on- Yoga for daily life, Body workout, Role of nutrition infitness, Aero fitness, Cool coach gap training, Fit wood Training, Cardio fitness exercises, Warm up andstretching exercises, Body mind balance, Mudras and Meditation, Healthy and active lifestyle and Fuel Station andPersonality Development.

All the sessions were accompanied with question and answer session. Participants gave apositive feedback and expressed to have such courses in future as well. E- Certificates weregiven to all the participants on completion of all the required assignments.