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“Bollywood Retro Mashup” by Blue Angels Choir ft. Darrel Mascarenhas Released

November 3, 2021

Mangaluru: This exciting festival of Diwali “Blue Angels Choir” has come up with a “Bollywood Retro Mashup” with collaboration to Darrel Mascarenhas, one of the Music Directors’ of Tulu movie ‘Girgit’.

The medley includes the most loved 25 hit number songs from the year 1950s to 1990s which will bring in the good old vibes to each song.

Below is the Video, Do watch!

The Concept and Vocal Arrangements has been created by Mr Denzil Pereira.The Rhythm, Music Production Mixing and Mastering for this project is done by Mr Darrel Mascarenhas

The team includes Derick Dsouza, Neel Coelho, Hansel Rego, Annet Dsouza, Preemal Serrao and Anisha Dsouza

The vocals were recorded by Mr Shinoy V Joseph at CAD Media, Mangalore. The Video shoot, Editing & grading has been done by Mr Mokshith Poojary. This project has been shot in multiple locations like Bengre beach, Saripalla, Thannirubavi beach, NITK Beach, Panambur Industrial Area, Sasihitlu Beach, Caribean Resort Mulki & Thokur Railway Station.

About BAC:

Blue Angels Choir came into existence on 1st January 2014. Initially it was called as PADUA BLUE ANGELS as most of the singers in the group were from Padua Institutions. The main intention to start this group was to sing in church for various occasions. Later on as years passed by they began to give Public Performances, perform for Music Concerts of various Konkani Singers and perform as Micro bands for the Receptions, Private Gigs & Corporate Events, also leading Taize worships.

Fr Michael Santhumayor is the mentor and Denzil Pereira is the co-ordinator of this group.

This group sings in 4 voices, (i.e, Soprano, Tenor, Alto & Bass) which makes this group a Unique and One of its kind. BAC has sung for more than 160 choirs, have given TV and radio programmes. They have done more than 20 musical experiments till date and it’s the first group to come up with Konkani Medley. Till now they have released 7 covers on YouTube, and has hosted an online Christmas carols singing competition ‘Carol of the Bells’ in the year 2020.