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‘Balamela 2023’: A Symphony of Compassion, Education, and Unity at St Aloysius PU College

November 28, 2023

Mangaluru: The Centre for Social Concern at St Aloysius PU College resonates with a year-round commitment to shaping students into empathetic individuals grounded in compassion and understanding for the less fortunate. Their mission weaves a tapestry of inclusivity that runs through the very fabric of society, erasing the lines of discrimination and striving to build a just and equitable community. In the symphony of their tireless efforts, the Balamela emerges as a crescendo, orchestrating a harmonious blend of enjoyment and awareness, vividly portraying understanding and support for the underprivileged in our community.

Five government Kannada medium schools were invited to participate in Balamela 2023. The programme commenced with a prayer song, setting a positive and uplifting tone for the day and symbolizing the collective spirit of compassion and solidarity that defines the ethos of St Aloysius PU College’s Centre for Social concern.  Ms Fasahath Kulsum, President of the Centre for Social Concern, extended a warm welcome, and students engaged the children in an action-packed song and games. Distinguished guests, including the Rector of St Aloysius College, Rev. Fr Melwin Pinto, the Principal, Rev. Fr Clifford Sequeira, Finance Officer, Rev. Fr Pradeep Sequeira, and the Vice Principal of Commerce and Arts, Ms Vilma Fernandes, graced the occasion.

Father Rector, in his address, fervently encouraged students to channel their efforts towards education as a cornerstone for a better life. Father passionately urged students not to be partial and emphasized the need to reject discrimination based on factors such as colour, religion, and socio-economic status. He also exhorted them to embrace harmony in their lives and to extend care to others. Father’s words resonated with a powerful message, urging students to not only pursue academic excellence but to do so with a profound sense of empathy, inclusivity, and a commitment to building a society free from biases and prejudices.

The Centre for Social Concern students added entertainment to the programme through dance, song, and games. Children from the schools also showcased their talents, and the winners were rewarded with gifts. Each participant received a token of appreciation.

Anvitha Rao and Suhas Pai, II PUC students, emceed the event with a lively and captivating flair. As they skillfully led the audience through each phase, their eloquent hosting gave an extra dose of enthusiasm and coherence. As the day progressed, the formal events came to an end with a wonderful lunch. This meal break gave children a chance to bond over a shared experience and promoted a sense of community spirit in addition to providing sustenance. Post-lunch, the educational journey continued with a thoughtfully planned excursion to the museum and to the St Aloysius Chapel.

This extension of learning beyond the confines of the traditional classroom setting added depth and context, creating a truly immersive experience for the children. Their expressions of joy and gratitude echoed the success of the event. Bala Mela, with its blend of educational awareness, vibrant cultural activities, and a focus on community, transcended being a mere event. It evolved into a profound and impactful experience for all participants. Beyond broadening academic perspectives, it nurtured a spirit of unity, leaving an indelible mark on the children and reinforcing the values of social responsibility and empathy championed by the Centre for Social Concern.