March 10, 2020

School days are an important part of student educational life at any level. Allowing students to enjoy a day of fun activities to break-up the routine of the school work is healthy and makes it fun filled for the students. St. Agnes CBSE School implemented “Bag Free Day” for students on 7th March 2020.

The school children arrived in their uniforms with different symbols on them. They enjoyed coming to school without carrying a bag and engaged themselves in various creative activities. Teachers came up with bright ideas to engage the students in the activities that were planned so that it will be an enjoyable day for the students. There were no formal classes. The five periods of 45 minutes each were utilised for quiz, action songs, pick and speak, dumb charades, debate, making artefacts from waste, making science model, greeting card making, stitching, rangoli with grains, spot games, cooking without fire, broom making, painting and outdoor games such as seven tiles, nature walk, dodge ball, hopscotch, kabbadi, cricket, dog and the bone etc. The day ended with a laughter game conducted by our principal Sr. Maria Gracilda to boost the spirit of the students.

“Bag Free Day” made the children forget about their worries and enjoy for a whole day without any academic pressure. Moreover, it also gave them a break from the monotonous routine of studies. Thus, it not only made the children responsible but also gave them a much needed break.