The tie that binds: Why family reunions are essential for life?

-Nikita Ferrao

How important is it to have a healthy relationship with your family? Could it be that having a regular gathering with your kin was once upon a time the most cherished aspects of your life?

It could be. It is believed that this is something we have all lost to modern society. Hardly any of us take the trouble of lifting the phone and dialing the number of our nearest family members, let alone pay them a visit.

This is mainly because extended families are dispersed so they rarely get to see any of their distant cousins or other relatives for holidays. Today’s nuclear families are always on the run; they have late night shifts, take-out dinners and children barely get to see their parent’s face. Dining rooms are turned into storages, or simply collect dust when they should be the centerpieces of memories.

In this whole ‘race of life’, what is it that parents end up doing? They schedule their kids to grow up to be just like them. Their social time is now being squeezed into micro sentences – apparently, who has the time for a regular conversation! Their definition of spending time together would include getting a few known friends or neighbors together and spending an evening talking about how complicated their lives have become.

But in all this, there is one aspect of life that almost all of us have completely forgotten, which should have probably stayed on our top to do list, but with time has not even made itself in the list – family bonding.

Some might have a woozy memory of the time they were free - running around, playing with cousins, listening to wonderful grandma stories, attending church together, sharing a huge meal and what not. But with today’s long list of priorities, this form of life seems like a distant dream.

This is where a family reunion comes into play. Family reunions help reconnect with the extended family that you may have lost at time. Events such as these strengthen ties and fill in the gaps you felt in your life. Such reconnections usually result in new or rediscovered pride of your family.

Attending one will help fill in a part of your mind that is lacking knowledge of someone you felt were important once upon a time. It settles the questions you need to answer and emotions you need fulfilled. Reunions generally start as a musing idea. Speaking to a person who has connections with a particular branch of the family tree you would like to reunite with and before you know it, the plan takes its shape.

The core idea of a reunion is to help reconnect and bring back those persons whom you have lost during the course of your race of life, and to assure the rest that you will always be there for them. Reunions also help find out about members you did not know you had, such as distant cousins or younger family members.

They help relive old times, and especially if you have children, then this is an excellent way for them to understand their family tree and their roots. It brings in a sense of togetherness, which ultimately benefits you and your immediate family. After all, believe it or not, when in trouble, it is always your immediate family that will come to help.

Most people that take part in reunions seem to say their good byes along with ‘We must do it again’. Planning and executing a successful event that brings people together in times of good cheer and revelries can only bring a smile of satisfaction to those who planned it, inspiring others to follow and so will the ritual continue, thus forming a strong unbreakable bond that will last for generations to come.

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