Singing together as Blue Angels

A decade ago, any mention of a choir would probably have brought Sunday morning hymns to mind. But there has been a revolution in attitudes towards joining a church choir. Adding an element of twist to the hymns, church choirs have now attracted the people to the idea of the communal singalong. 

A group of youth have formed The Blue Angels Choir. They can make any occasion a special one with their melodious musical symphony. 

The Blue Angels Choir is led by Denzil Pereira, the keyboardist and tenor vocalist of the group, along with its members – Derick D’Souza (guitarist and lead vocalist), Neel Coelho, Hansel Rego (vocalist/bass singer), KajalMoras (lead vocalist), JoshilSaldanha, Tressia Rodrigues (vocalist) and Anisha D’Souza (vocalist and alto Singer). 

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Denzil Pereira of The Blue Angels Choir 

How did you all decide to come together and form a choir group? 
Denzil: “I was playing for a band earlier. During this time I contemplated about starting a choir instead of playing for a band. In 2013 due to certain circumstances, I quit the band. Then I decided that I will fulfil my dream of starting a new choir. Quitting the band was a turning point in my life. 

We are a group of friends of the similar age with one motive - to sing for the Greater Glory of the Lord. As all of us are from Padua College and we were supported by our institution we named it as Padua Blue Angels but later it was changed to Blue Angels Choir. The choir was formed on 1stJanuary 2014 with seven members. Currently, we are eight in number.” 

How did you decide on the name ‘Blue Angels’ Choir? 
“The reference to angels is found in the Holy Scriptures. When Christ was born, Angels sang Gloria to the King. So, the Angels represent our group and the colour Blue has been a colour associated with royalty, peace and nature (sea and sky). So, we decided on this name. 

What kind of music do you focus on? 
“We mainly focus on Church music. The hymns which are approved by the Catholic churchauthorities. During nuptials, we take into consideration the hymns that have been suggested by the family and later we make sure that the hymns are approved by the Parish Priest. We also try to innovate with each hymn.” 

How do manage to coordinate for practice considering the group’s varied professions? 
“Practices are held every now and then. Perfection comes through practice. Practices are held in the evenings and on weekends as it is convenient for everyone. Practice is a must for every artiste to grow in any field. We have made it a habit to say a small prayer during the practices as well as before we sing at an occasion.” 

The Blue Angels Choir has also sung for the 10th National Youth Convention which was held in 2017 at St. Joseph Engineering College Vamanjoor and also for the Annual Feast of Infant Jesus (2018) with a group of 16 singers. The choir has also participated in 4 concerts, 4 TV shows and in 2 Radio Programmes (92.7 BIG FM and Manipal University Community Radio). The Choir also plays professionally at nuptials, receptions and other occasions in both English and Konkani. 

Contact: The Blue Angels Choir on blueangelschoir@gmail.com or Call/WhatsApp Denzil Pereira on 9743045432 or Derick D’Souza on 8971896313. 

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