Painting her world bright

While most of us are in the hustle to get jobs that pay well and planning vacations and thinking, I repeat thinking of something new, here’s a person who is just not in this race. Meet Priyanka, a twenty four year old young and simple girl, living in her world painted by her.

Priyanka has always loved to paint. At a very young age she started to sketch but when she tried painting her drawings there was nothing more amusing to her she says. “I fell in love with the way colours blend in, you can mix two or more colors and make a new shade. It fascinates me.”

After her tenth grade she joined Prasad Art Gallery to learn more about painting. She continued to take lessons on painting for three years. Following this, she also learnt clay modeling and clay art along with jewelry making from Jagath Art Gallery. “I enjoyed working with clay, molding it to make something new, a creation of art. But I enjoyed it more when I painted the finished clay piece”. Since then she’s painting small and large paintings one at a time.

“My family has been very supportive of me and my paintings. My father gets me all the paints, canvas and all that I need to paint. My mother and sister have appreciated my work even when I knew it wasn’t good. From then to now, I know I have grown”.

Her paintings have been exhibited in the art exhibition hosted by Prasad Art Gallery and also atKudla Kala Mela. Priyanka loves portraits and she adores her first portrait the she painted of a little girl. “It’s ten years old, my first portrait. It is and will always be my favourite”, she says. When asked about career and higher education, Priyanka had a very good answer. “I know the world is very competitive, but I want to add beauty to it with my art work. My career is my passion to paint, and learn more about it. I want to pursue a masters in painting and also teach it to others”.

Priyanka was an art teacher at Prasad Art Gallery for a brief period. Currently she has her small art school named as Dhgarmashree Art Classes, at Mangala Devi where she teaches her students to sketching and painting. “When I was a student, I know I pestered my teachers a lot with questions. I always wanted to get the strokes right, the right balance of colours. Now when I teach, I know how patient my teachers were with me” she says laughingly.

Historical sculptures, monuments, intricate and complicate paintings and sketches is what she loves. According to her, the tiny details make the painting beautiful, they add to the painting. She has sold quite a lot of her paintings until now. Her painting of a bride in white is the most admired of her paintings’. She even takes up orders for paintings. You can get in touch with her and encourage her work at dharmashreearts@gmail.com or 7259452235 to place your orders.

-Marissa Pinto

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