Meet Reuben Machado, the upcoming star in Music

Music is often considered to be a hobby in catholic community but only a few consider it as a passion and pursue their career in it. One father in the city had a dream and has motivated his son to not only play two instruments at a time but also be a part of the World Cultural festival held in Delhi in the year 2016. 

It is the tale of Reuben Machado who hails from Derebail and considers his dad as his inspiration. Unlike his catholic musicians who traditionally go with guitar, keyboard or drums Reuben chose mouth organ and flute as his favorite instruments. 

When asked as how it all began; Reuben narrated his story with a smile. "I saw my father play the mouth organ when I was three and I liked it. Like any other kid who spends all his time with something he likes, I chose to spend time with the mouth organ. After seeing my interest, my father trained me and hence I started my musical journey. At ten, I started learning guitar after following it on YouTube. When I studied at Padua PU College, I grew an interest of learning Flute. After a lot of search I found two teachers in Bunts hostel and now I have the opportunity to perform at the World Cultural festival held in Delhi and have the permission to start teaching for all those who are interested.” 

As the conversation continued, Reuban also shared the moment which made him play two instruments at the same time. "When I was doing my graduation at Padua College, we received an invite from one of the colleges about their fest. One of the events was named ‘five minutes to glory’, where one could do anything to entertain the audience and take away the prize. It was my father’s suggestion to play both the guitar and mouth organ simultaneously as I was good at both. So when I thought of trying it, it was inconvenient to play the mouth organ without the mouth organ stand when I was already engaged with guitar. We searched for the stand but it was unavailable in the local market. So using an aluminum wire I made a stand and performed in the event, 'five minutes to glory'. The rest is history as I won that event and I’ve played this way in many occasions." 

When asked about his intention to show keen interest in flute, Reuben's father Richard Machado, who is a musician by himself noted that he wanted his son to be unique and advised him to be an inspiration to many as there are many other musical instruments like flute which have been untouched by the kids of the community. 

"Reuben is also an excellent videographer apart from being a photographer. I take him along with me when we have to capture the mass and he handles it brilliantly”, Richard Machado says very proudly. 

When asked about his ultimate aim, Reuben who is also a vocalist in Carnatic music says that he wants to play with eminent flutist Praveen Godkindi who is Reuben's inspiration in Flute. 

Reuben is also known for his contribution in Padua Ranga Adhyayana Kendra as the musician. 

Reuben is a star in the making and it is the duty of each one of us to congratulate and encourage this talented yet humble lad to achieve many more heights in the musical field and his life. 

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