Mangaluru: Awareness on Plastic Waste Management

Mangaluru: C.O.D.P® Mangalore in collaboration with C.E.I organized an awareness programme on Plastic Waste Management on August 9th at Kolya Ramananda Tailoring Center. 

President of the programme was Mr. Jeevan Kumar, Program Manager of Gramothan India Foundation. In his speech he told that we should use cloth bags instead of plastic bags and protect our environment. 

Mrs. Hemalatha, Animator of CODP explained that plastic does not decompose in the soil, it remains in the earth. If plastic is burnt there will be chances of getting cancer and various other diseases. She stressed on the concept of reduce, reuse and re-cycle. 

All SHG members have decided to convert plastic waste into bottle bricks and construct a bench in Kolya School. 

Mrs. Gulabi, Teacher of Tailoring Center was present for the programme. 

Mrs. Vaishali welcomed the participants and Ms Thanushree proposed the vote of thanks. 

There were 34 members who attend the programme. 

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