Mangalore: St Aloysius College bids 'Adeiu' to the Finance Officer, Fr Pradeep Sequeira SJ

Mangalore, Nov 3: The management and staff of St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore had bid goodbye to a most humble Finance Officer, Rev Fr Pradeep Sequeira SJ, who after two and a half years dedicated service has to leave on a new assignment at yet another Jesuit Institution in Harihara. 

The farewell programme was held on 30 October 2018 at Sanidhya Hall. 

Fr Pradeep Sequeira SJ was a dedicated person and poured out so much love through his interaction, participation in various activities/meetings, etc at St Aloysius Institutions. He has touched so many hearts and helped them to be better people and they all deeply appreciated all that Fr Pradeep had done for them. 

Principal Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ, in his welcome address, said, "Today we are in a mixed feelings, because one finance officer is leaving, and another Finance Officer is joining us. In the last 2½ years under the tenure of Fr Pradeep we have seen dramatic changes. Even at the age of 78, Fr Pradeep has been a Wisdom figure, and while we welcome Fr Melwyn Lobo SJ as our new Finance Officer, we have a young Wise man ". 

Extolling the virtues of Fr Pradeep he said, "Fr Pradeep was a man of finesse, where he wanted things to be perfect and in order, and no doubt he has given his office a new look. He was a man of order, where he puts his heart and soul in his work. He isfun to be around, having full humor in him. He was like a fire, very quick in his work. Even though he was with us for a short time, we will all cherish and remember Fr Pradeep Sequeira SJ forever.” 

Welcoming the new Finance Officer he said, “We should be also happy to welcome Fr Melwyn Lobo SJ, who is also a mature man, having lots of experience in the financial field, and I am confident that Fr Melwyn will follow in the footsteps of Fr Pradeep in taking St Aloysius to greater heights." 
Appreciating Fr Pradeep Sequeira SJ, Miss Ashwitha Monteiro, a member of the staff from the finance department, said, "Words can neither qualify nor quantify how helpful your guidance and advice has been. Father, your motivational talks have inspired so many in this institution. Thank you for giving us some words of encouragement and full support even if it is not related to our work. Your consistent guidance has helped me to increase my potential at work. Thank you for teaching me that every mistake is just a learning Experience. I have learnt so much from you.Ever since I have been working for you, I found myself evolving both with respect to my career as well as a person. Thank you for the opportunity to work for and learn from you". 

Fr Alwyn D'sa, Director, Administrative Block, St Aloysius College also expressed is thoughts said, "Rev. Fr Pradeep Sequiera has been described by all the staff members as a man of humor, wit, scholarship, experience,concern and wisdom. He is always composed and relaxed, brings smiles on the faces of people, always willing to learn. His motivational talks and training are very lively and dynamic. It was Heraclitus, the Greek Philosopher, who said that the universe in a state of flux and you never step into the same river twice. Change and novelty are the only constant things in life. As there is an art of living, all of us also need to learn the art of leaving. As a Finance of Officer, Fr Pradeep insisted on maintaining high caliber and professionalism in the finance section. He consistently advised students and teachers to follow a system of budgeting in advance and follow the budget strictly. He gave high priority to transparency and accountability in all transactions. 

Fr Melwyn Lobo SJ, the incoming Finance Officer of St Aloysius College, was welcomed by the Rector of St Aloysius Institutions, Rev. Fr Dionysius Vaz SJ. He said, “Even though Fr Pradeep looks old, but he young at heart with young talents. He was a great gift to our institution and he was a role model, a example, a master figure, a philosopher and a guide. He will be great asset at Harihar Jesuit institution because of his vast experiences and knowledge. Even though he is leaving us, Fr Pradeep still belongs to our Mangalore Jesuit Educational Society.About Fr Melwyn Lobo SJ, having also vast experience in handling Finance, this college needs a person like him- and we are happy to have him here". 

Expressing his gratefulness and appreciations, Fr Pradeep Sequeira SJ,said, "When I was requested to take up the post at Harihar, I said Yes, because I never say No for any requests made. I always change my directions in my life, when my schedule changes. When I took up the Finance Officer post here, I was nervous in the beginning, but with all the support from the staff, I think I have done a great job. My three dedicated and bubbly department staff- Ashwitha, Melita and Divya were of great help in getting my work done smoothly- I appreciate their support". 

Fr Pradeep Anthony SJ, Director, Arrupe Block conducted prayer. Dr Loveena Lobo, Director, IT Block compered the programme. Dr A.M. Narahari, the Registrar proposed the vote of thanks.

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