Mangalore: National Conference on “Recent Advances Linking Future Prospects In Nutrition”

Mangalore: Home to more than a third of the world’s stunted children and 42% of those who are underweight, India is facing huge nutrition challenges. A large proportion of the population both adults and children are affected by both macro and micronutrient deficiencies. 

Apart from the Government and other agencies driving improvements in nutrition, Nutritionists and food scientists have been working with a range of collaborations to improve access to nutritious foods for large parts of the population, through public and private delivery channels. But the role of nutritionists in the arena of health science needs to be more emphasize. Hence, there is an immense need that the recent advances in nutrition research be represented to alert us of our future prospects and roles in this field. 

Hence, focuses that include recent approaches in nutrition research such as Nutrigenomics, new dietary composition of foods and relation of such dietary composition to health and disease need to be carefully understood and represented.  

In lieu to these focal research points, Department of Postgraduate studies and research in Food science take the opportunity to host this one day National Conference on “Recent Advances Linking Future Prospects In Nutrition” on 14th March 2019 at Fr. L.F. Rasquinha hall, LCRI Block of St. Aloysius college (Autonomous) Mangalore .

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