Loy Valentine-The man with the vision for the Konkani Music

Music for Mangaloreans has always been in their veins. Their day to day routine is just incomplete without it, be it the local baila songs or Hindi or English numbers. Unfortunately if one searches Konkani music over the internet less than 25 percent of it is available. The reason being an absence of music database over the net and hence Konkani music has not been able to establish as a global brand. 

Here’s a music director who has answers for the future of Konkani music. He is a talent from the city who is marching to become a musical sensation in Sandalwood. Meet Loy Valentine Saldanha who was Awarded as the Best Music Director 2015 for The Short Film ‘Ek Galthi’. He has also composed a Song for ICC World Cup 2011 and won recognition for the song at cricket for peace Money-Gram. Ha also Performed at Muscat Indian Embassy and was even Awarded by the Ambassador of India for Spreading the Music of the Konkan Coast to The Sultanate of Oman. 

He has also performed for MTV Roadies 7.0 Gala Night. To add to his glory, he has worked with Team India opener Shikar Dhawan the fame of Indian Cricket Team for a TVC Add of Canara Bank. His song “Daye Saipa” sung by himself from the Tulu Debut movie “Rambarooti” has been ranked #34 in Regional Indian Chart of iTunes (the world’s most famous music store) and thus created a History in Tulu Music Industry. 

He was nominated For National Level Short Film Contest 2016 organized By Arena Animation, Mangalore for 2 of the movies “ Ek Galthi & Khusdh”. He earned his glory by being the first one to compose multi-genre Hindi music album named DOSTHI, in the history of costal Karnataka. Along with this he has composed music for three Kannada movies, B Square, Hundred Percent luck and Kalpana Vilasa. He has just released his new music album Chintnam 2.0 and has touched the hearts of music lovers.  This has the recomposed famous song ‘Ye vegin ye tum, Gopanth moja along with the other new and recomposed tracks composed by Loy’s yesteryear band Rays. 

Speaking to KonkanCatholic.com he shared his foresights for the Konkani music and also his journey as a musician.

How did your musical journey begin? 
Loy: At the age of five, one of my uncles played a piece in his key board which made me get that urge to learn music; Yes of course music was in my blood as my father was a drummer in the famous band of yesteryear ‘Dolphins’. I started to learn music when I was ten. 

I initially started to sing and perform in schools in various competitions and won a few trophies to my credit. When I reached college, a few friends came together and started a band named Rays and later on started to perform in various Desi rock bands. After my degree days I went to AR Rehman’s Institute of Music and started to do music productions after the return. Then I formed my own DESI ROCK BAND named BAND CHARITRA which presently is making a name for itself both nationally and internationally. 

Between production and concert which one you choose? 
To perform we need production. I prefer both. We want people to listen to our songs. We prefer to compose songs and market it in a nice way and get recognized. And in the mean time you have to have compose new songs and I feel a blend of both is must. 

Which is the most challenging project of your life? 
If I have got three Kannada movies then it’s because of the tough days I faced while producing the music for the short film, Galathiyan. The music production work had just begun and I met with an accident and broke my right hand. The dead line was set and my name was already in the posters. I couldn’t work and I informed the director about my inability. But he had faith in my ability and encouraged me not to give up. After the release it won a few awards in the national level. That’s the most challenging and memorable project I have ever worked on. 

What is your aim in the Music industry? 
We have composed a song in one of the short movies exclusively for Salman Khan. Our aim is to make that song reach him and see his reaction. We will be really glad if he uses it in any of his movies. It’s a kind of song which suits his personality. But we have released it as it suits the current trend. But all we want is for the song to reach Salman at the earliest. 

Tell us about Band Charithra. 
We are a group of youngsters who took Konkani music in a new perspective. Along with me I have one more music programmer Pattson in the Band Charithra. Then there’s Melwyn who not only is the lead singer of the band but also who writes lyrics in most of the languages each of us know. We have Sachin and Rikith who are the back bones of the band. We recently performed in Dubai, Muscat and Doha. 

In your musical journey what is the painful thing that you have come across? 
There are a few set of people who are not happy the way team Charithra is growing. However, 
we respect them a lot as they have given a lot to the community. But it is painful as we have the urge to give our best towards the community. So we thought of going out of Konkani and do something in various other languages. 

There is a generation gap between the music lovers. I feel as a composer I must give something new to the community so that the young generation will embrace the Konkani music still more. I feel that the music must grow and it has to be experimented in a different way retaining the lands flavor and original composition. 

What do you feel is the future of Konkani music? 
We need to have an online database for Konkani music. We need to have Konkani music companies. With every song that is downloaded from this online portal remuneration must go to the composer. Only then composers such as me will get the encouragement to compose a few more albums. Along with the song in the portal there should be names of the music producers, composers etc so that the respect the artists deserve is given to them. You must also look into the fact that the lyrics of Konkani songs are not available. If someone comes forward to bring all the above mentioned things under one roof that would be the best thing he/she can do for Konkani music. 

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