Coppernicus E-Bikes: ‘Redefining Your Ride’

At a time when the fuel prices are skyrocketing and the pollution around us,increasing, Coppernicus E-Bikes seem to be the best option for those who love riding. Coppernicus has launched Electric Bikes, with a fusion of mechanics and electronics, which help you to switch seamlessly between pedaling, assisted pedaling or choosing a fully motorized ride. Unleashing up to 80Nm of Torque with just a twist of the throttle, Coppernicus E-Bikes are now riding their way into an electric future. The team at Coppernicus have displayed their E-Bikes and given test rides to interested people across India. 

They have recently participated in the 7th Edition of the Traffic Infra Tech Expo, Asia’s Largest International Show on Smart Mobility, in Mumbai, an event supported by Niti Aayog and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and supported by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission of the Australian Government. 

So, don’t forget to grab your own ride and explore any terrain, trail or track, regardless of how fit or technically skilled you are! 

Here’s an Interview with Mr. Kevin Vas, Founder of Coppernicus E-Bikes - 

Q: Whose brainchild was it and how did you come up with the idea? 
“Actually, electric bicycles are already in use the world over, but they are not adopted in India as widely as they should be. About 5 years ago, when I decided to try and cycle to work, I realised that it was challenging at times. One of the problems limiting people from cycling is the effort they need to put in while tackling a hill. E-bikes would be a perfect solution for someone who wants to get his daily dose of exercise while giving him the control to choose the effort that needs to put in. When I realised that options for e-bikes were limited to only low-quality e-bikes, we decided to build an e-cycle that could give the rider motorized assistance when needed and also high-quality components that would help him test his boundaries when he wanted to”. 

Q: What makes your product different compared to a regular bike or cycle? 
“Our bikes are designed from the ground up keeping rider comfort and ergonomics at the fore of design. It is a very capable machine, built for a true cycling enthusiast.Our team has spent over 3 years in developing the Coppernicus T3. In addition to all the components that make up a bike, there is an additional layer of electronics which has been blended almost unnoticeably into the frame. Simplicity in operation, quality of components and focus on design is what sets us apart.” 

Q: What are some of the main features of the bike? 
“*A lightweightAluminium frame which integrates the electronics seamlessly. 
*The Shimano ZEE shifters offer 10 gears with the RD Shadow+ technology 
*Hydraulic Disc Brakes with electronic motor cut-off sensors as a safety feature. 
*An SR Suntour suspension fork which offers 100mm of travel to soak up bumps. 
*ABafang 250W BLDC Rear Hub Motor and an Integrated High capacity Portable 36V 500Wh Lithium Ion battery pack. 
*A beautiful TFT LCD Colour screen HMI display. 
*ATorque Sensor which makes youforget that you are actually riding an E-Bike”. 
Q: Since it is battery operated, how long does the battery last? 
“When you use just the motor to power your ride, it can give you a range of upto 60 kms. 
The bike also has a 9-Level assist mode, which can extend this range upto 120 kms. 
All this is dynamically calculated for you on the colour screen display and will help you plan your ride”. 

Q: What do you think about the marketability of this product? 
“We don’t intend for the Coppernicus T3 to be a mass market product. This bike is built keeping a particular audience in mind. We focus on cycling enthusiasts, people who understand the joy cycling can bring... something that many of us have forgotten as we grew up. Through our demo days and road shows, we have been able to re-ignite this spark, and I think this is more important to our team than just simply selling products - there are enough of those companies today.” 

Q: Does the bike have any safety features that can keep it away from being stolen? 
“Well, this is a common question. The battery pack which is the heart of the drive system can be locked and detached with a click. You can carry it with you in case you have any doubts. The E-bike can be secured just like any other bicycle for which we will be listing recommended locks on our website. There is also the possibility of integrating your own GPS devices in the frame that can let you track your bike at all times. And of course, you also have the option of insuring the e-bike”. 

Q: How did you decide on the name 'Coppernicus'? 
“Coppernicus is a registered trademark owned by the Company. The inspiration for the brand name comes from Nicolaus Copernicus, the famous Astronomer, Mathematician, Artist and Physicist. He is best known as the first astronomer to posit the idea of a Heliocentric Solar System—a system in which the planets and planetary objects orbit the sun. It was a total revolutionary idea at the time. Coppernicus, the E-bike brand aims to revolutionize the way we move”. 

Q: Could you explain the brief working of the electric bike? 
“Cycles are the most efficient mode of transport ever invented. The concept of Electric bicycles is to augment the bicycle, making it more manageable to use in more diverse scenarios. As a rider of the Coppernicus T3, you have three modes of operation available to you. 

1. At any time, you can pedal the Coppernicus T3 just as you would with a regular one. There is almost zero extra resistance created by the motor, so it will feel almost exactly as a regular bicycle would. The Coppernicus T3 is equipped with the 10 Speed Shimano Zee Gear Systems which would come in very handy in this mode of use. 

2. Pedal-Assist Mode (Also called Electric-Assist Mode): 
In this mode, you can take advantage of human combined electric power. Once you turn on this mode via the controls on the handlebars, the motor will gently provide electric power as you pedal. You can still switch gears as the terrain changes to take advantage of more torque or faster speed. It’s an amazing feeling to use pedal-assist mode, as it makes cycling effortless, flattens out the hills and frees you to just enjoy yourself and the scenery. The Pedal-assist mode provides upto 9 levels of assistance from 0% to 90% motor power. The levels 1 to 9, simply indicates how much additional power the motor will provide to complement your pedaling. Level 1 adds 10% of motorized power to your pedaling, while the higher setting almost doubles your power output. A simple press of a button toggles you through the different levels. 

3.Electric-Only Mode: 
This mode of operation allows you to sit back and take a break, as you let the motor do all the work. To use ‘electric only’ mode, simply twist the throttle located on the right handle bar and you’ll feel the motor kick in and propel you forward. Keep the throttle turned to continue along or let go if you’re ready to start pedalling or wish to come to a stop.” 

Q: Where are your products available for purchase to the public? 
“The Coppernicus T3 is available online on Amazon.in. The links to our Amazon store can be found on our Website: www.coppernicus.in 

You can reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or on our Website or email: Contact@coppernicus.in 

We have also partnered with dealers across India who will assist you with any after-sales support. For those residing in Mangalore, The E-Bikes can be purchased from our Mangalore Dealer - Jyothi Cycle and Fitness, Kadri”. 

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