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This beautiful anonymous quote really captured my heart and it couldn’t have been more apt than for this Article. The quote goes like this, “When buying from a Hand Maker, you aren’t buying just an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks and months and frustration and moments of pure joy. You aren’t buying just a ‘thing’, you are buying a piece of heart, part of a soul and a moment of someone’s life. Most importantly you are buying the Artist more time to do something they are passionate about.” 

For all of us born before the millennium and were a part of the days where handmade art and crafts was a novelty, it is something that will always remain very dear to our hearts. Handmade items are now become a rarity and a thing of the past, with technology and mechanization laying its tentacles on every aspect of our lives, the personal touch is now slowly getting lost! 

Amidst it all, we still have some who still keep up the tradition of making handmade goodies! Here are Ms. Athena Aranha and Mrs. Anita Sequeira telling us about their small-scale homemade crafts. 

Ms. Athena Aranha is a Post Graduate in Psychology from St. Agnes College and is currently teaching and practising as a Psychologist in Mangalore. Here’s her story! 

“I have been making cards ever since I can remember. As a kid, I always distributed handmade cards among my family and friends, but it wasn't until recently that I decided to dedicate more time into doing what I really love to do and reach out to a wider group. Each card is made in an extensively detailed manner and you can get them for a song. This also helps me get in contact with people and integrate their preferences into my idea of card making. The cards are mostly made on chart paper or hand-made paper and are generally with a standard fold and other creative designs. I believe that a creation with tender hands creates a unique bond between the sender and the receiver and this is what makes handmade cards all the more special. Each card is unique in terms of quality and creativity. I make cards for different occasions such as Christmas, New year, Diwali, birthdays, anniversaries and other festivals. Apart from cards, I also take up orders for handmade decor and accessories like hand-painted pots, diyas, keychains, show-pieces, soft toys, painted light bottles and tablecloths. If you're looking out for some handcrafted goodness to share with your loved ones this festive season, do contact +91 86602 59408”. 

Mrs. Anita Sequeira, is a homemaker who pursues her little homemade crafts business which she calls, ‘Decorative Bottle Art’. Here’s her story! 

“My name is Anita Sequeira. I am 58 years old and ‘Decorative Bottle Art’ is my new-found hobby. Inspiration for this hobby which I picked up 6 months ago came from many sources - Apart from ensuring things function smoothly at home which does take up alot of my time, I realized I had a few more hours in hand to spare and wanted to pick up a hobby since a couple of years; I have always had a creative bone in me, so this came to me naturally. Also, my biggest supporters, my husband Urban and daughter Amanda have been encouraging and motivating of everything I do and so with this hobby as well. In fact, I regularly get art & craft parcels sent over from Bangalore by Amanda. 

But the fact that still remained was,how can I take something that’s a waste and convert it into something beautiful? Well, A recent campaign launch by Flipkart really caught my attention, it’s time to define life, not by the number of years, but by your experiences. #ChooseYourAge. I initially started my decorative bottles with the very limited resources that I had, but the ideas always came by. Hence, my initial bottles were very simple designs - exploring with a paint gun, some acrylic paint and some ribbon and ropes. As I got better and more ideas came to mind, I expanded both the raw materials that I use and the kind of bottles that I make. So, I now make these bottles all through the year from generic to Christmas themed and recently started doing personalized photo-based bottles as well. 

Initially, it started as a hobby but when I started sharing some pictures with my friends and family members to get feedback, they absolutely loved the bottles and before I knew it I started getting orders from them. So, I worked out the figures and now every order that I fulfil goes into a little piggy bank at home. 

As of now, I am working on a couple of things at the moment, firstly a name for this small-scale hobby turned business (Suggestions are welcome)and a Facebook page where I can share my work with a wider network of people. But if you would like to order a bottle or two, to decorate your home or someone else’s, you can reach me on my WhatsApp number, 9886692948. 

I would just like to end this with one message to all the men and women out there and especially in Mangalore. Don’t be afraid to pick up a hobby or follow your dream irrespective of how young or old you are. Remember age is just a number. Support & help will come to those who try!” 

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