A Holiday To Remember

As we adopted two dogs during the summer, we were totally stuck at home and could not go on any far off places during the summer vacations. But my father suggested taking them with us on our small weekend trip to one of the most beautiful places to visit and a great summer retreat because of its wonderful weather and the great scenery. 

This place is a beautiful district located in the state of Karnataka with a number of tourists visiting the district throughout the year to enjoy the wonderful hills, forests and plantations that make up the mesmerizing landscape in the region. Nature lovers from all over the country visit for the trekking that offers some great sights and adventure enthusiasts visit to take part in the various adventure sports found at this destination. 

As you are reading this, I am pretty sure just one place comes to mind and that is Coorg- a trip to Coorg will be a holiday of a different kind. It most definitely gets under your skin and will have you wanting to come back for more. Coorg is set in clean, green natural surroundings away from the bustling crowds. Misty hills, roads that wind their way through lush forests, aromatic pepper and spice plantations and sprawling coffee estates, it’s no wonder they call it the Scotland of India. 

We (My parents, sister and me) began our journey on a Saturday morning along with our two puppies and drove all the way there which took us about 4 hours with traffic. It was around lunch time and so we stopped at the famous East End Hotel which I must say the services have fallen considerably. We were really looking forward to tasting delicious Coorg cuisines but were rather disappointed. After lunch, we went to the famous Raja Seat and sat there for about two hours just relaxing. Believe me, convincing the people to let our puppies in was no picnic but we managed somehow and finally spent a very relaxing day at the viewpoint which I must say is absolutely breath taking. At around 4 pm, we headed towards Virajpet to stay for the night. 

My favourite part of the holiday was the really long drive with my family and the stunning and enchanting estates and greenery on either side. Drinking coffee from a small little shop on the side of the road was another highlight of the trip. We reached Virajpet in the late evening and stayed over with the nuns who were very kind to let accommodate us and especially our puppies. We were extremely lucky to stay right opposite the St Annes Church which is about 220 years old and has been built in Gothic architecture style. The clock towers of the church have two massive bells of the ancient times and are in use till date. 

At night, the nuns filled our bellies with a scrumptious homemade Coorg meal and the rooms we stayed in were so comfortable and pleasant. The next day, after mass and breakfast, we headed towards Dubare elephant Camp but unfortunately were too late to bathe the elephants. Although, we were disappointed, it was already lunch time and that meant our holiday was nearly coming to an end. This time with the nuns’ suggestion and Google, we headed back to the main city of Coorg at the top hill near Raja Seat where we stopped at Coorg Cuisine a place that is heaven for authentic Coorgi style food available. The restaurant is not big and fancy. It is small and has decent sitting area with a few wall paintings. So, basically one visits the place only for the awesome food they serve. You may have to wait for a while as it is crowded most of the times. But the staff is polite and once you get your seat, they serve you quick. 

With that heavenly lunch, we travelled back to Mangaluru and reached by late Sunday evening. But wait hold on, you cannot pass Kalladka (situated between Mangaluru and Coorg) and not have the most famous KT tea.Ah, I just love being from a family of foodies. 

So, in the end we may have not done any adventurous things or stayed at any home stays and even though we wanted to escape the Mangaluru heat and wanted a small break, I think it was wonderful as I could not remember the last time we spent that much time together. So, even if it is just for a day or two, I can solemnly vow to all those reading this that Coorg is a magnificent holiday destination and visiting here will never be a regret. 

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