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10th year Joyful establishment of Hand and Spine Surgery at Father Muller

June 1, 2023

Mangaluru: 10 years or decennial anniversary holds great significance in many professions. One such celebration was conducted by the department of orthopaedics of the Father Muller Medical College on 30 May 2023.  The establishment of the Spine surgery and Hand and Micro Surgery Unit as a sub specialty in the Orthopaedic department with the support from the management 10 years ago gave the region a place where complex surgeries could be done with care and compassion.

The Hand & Micro Surgery unit headed by Dr Latheesh Leo. It has OPD consultation on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The Hand & Micro Surgery unit spectrum of cases done: Hand & Wrist injury, Open Fracture of upper limb and lower limbs, Burned Hand, Brachial  plexus injuries, Vascular injury, Tumour of the hand, Spastic Hand, Congenital Hand, Amputation and replantation, Neuropathic foot ulcer etc

The Spine Surgery unit headed by Dr Mrinal Shetty. It has OPD consultation on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday which addressers vast majority of spine related disorders. The following operative procedures are performed. Corrective paediatric and adult spine deformities, Surgeries for degenerative spine pathologies, Surgery for inflammatory and infective spinal disorders, Surgery for spinal trauma and spinal cord injuries, Surgeries for occipito –cervical function anomalies, Minimally invasive spine surgeries, Infections for painful spinal conditions etc.

The welcome address was given by Dr Ronald Joseph Menezes, Professor and Head, Orthopaedics FMMCH who briefed on the departments success and the accommodation of newer modalities to treat patients. Dr Edward Nazareth, President, Karnataka Orthopaedics Association was the chief guest who spoke on the advances of Orthopaedics in the region and the world. The branch of surgery has made life changing and advancing facets to many lives. The orthopaedician from mere attachments and casts have differentiated themselves by acquiring and equipping themselves with knowledge and made a niche in the specialty.

Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director of the Father Muller Charitable Institutions congratulated Dr Latheesh and Dr Mrinal for their unstinted trust in the Institutions and for the magnanimity of treating the poor and deprived without any distinction. Both are humble giants who provide the best to their patients. The institutions have seen to it that changes and advances is made without having a huge financial impacts on patients.

Dr Latheesh Leo and Dr Mrinal Shetty were felicitated by the Orthopaedics department for their 10 years of continued service. Colleagues of various departments too came to congratulated the two for their success. Both of them presented a walk through the memory lane of the success, failures and strengths through the 10 years of their unit establishment. They presented cases where lives have changed and the toils and struggles they been through. They thanked the anesthesia department and the nursing services for their cooperation at all times. They reminisced the years from the former Director to the present who they worked under for their constant words of encouragement.

Vote of thanks by Dr Vivian Almeida, Professor and Unit Head, Orthopaedics FMMCH. The compeer Dr Anna Sabeena second year post graduate dignified the event. Members of the Management Committee were present along with Heads of various units and departments and the guest who flew from various places for the event.